Mark Gomersbach

Date of Birth: October 29, 1983
Current location: Amsterdam , the Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Phone: +31 6 141 888 61

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Key proficiencies


  • Configuration management
  • CI/CD
  • Software Development Life Cycles
  • High-performance/Distributed computing
  • System interoperability
  • and web/api development

Preferred Languages

  • Systems: Python, Bash
  • Web: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • (and some obsolete and esoteric)

Operating systems

  • Anything posix, preferably Gentoo ;)
  • Windows (since WFW 3.11), mainly AD
  • Dos variants

Network services

  • NGINX, HAProxy
  • Tomcat, Passenger
  • Load Balancing
  • Scaling
  • TCP/IP networking


  • libvirt
  • Docker
  • VMWare


MYLAPS Sports Timing

Senior Linux Engineer

Dates Employed: Aug 2015 – Oct 2018
Employment Duration: 3 yrs 3 mos
Location: Haarlem Area, Netherlands

THE standard of sport timing equipment and data. From it’s humble beginning in 1982 into the absolute dominant player on the market, providing a wide range of performance information for almost any sport with a time element today.

Helping this company modernize and maintain their office and datacenter infrastructure was a incredible journey where I enjoyed many new insights into the sports industry, and hard/software design for it.

Gained many friends while working (and after) and got motivated enough to run my first half-marathon

  • Introduced infrastructure as code (SaltStack)
  • Introduced new monitoring system (Icinga2)
  • Maintained Atlassian Stack (Stash, Jira, Confluence etc.)
  • Introduced IP management system (PHPipam/Netbox)
  • Maintained integrity of data and knowledge transfer through several management replacements
  • Help and teach junior developers gain knowledge about systems, networks, and CI tools
  • Integrate Active Directory across many of these systems
  • Under hardcore time and resource constraints, moved production datacenter with minimal downtime
  • Create documentation for all this for future engineers to use

in2IP B.V.

System- en networkengineer

Dates Employed: Aug 2014 – Jul 2015
Employment Duration: 1 yr
Location: Leiden

As an ICT service provider, IN2IP offers customized solutions for companies that place high demands on the continuity of their business applications and online systems. Service is central to IN2IP!

IN2IP offers a broad portfolio of application and data hosting solutions, ranging from physical network-based products to virtual hosting services (cloud services). Their relationships are diverse, from financial institutions and international media companies to startups.

Very small DevOps team which includes the owner himself, making communicating incredibly pleasant.

  • Explore and master SaltStack for continues integration and stable provisioning
  • Support helpdesk
  • Having a lot geek, tweak and gadget related fun
  • Converted from pirate to ninja

True B.V.

Support Engineer

Dates Employed: Mar 2014 – Jul 2014
Employment Duration: 5 mos
Location: Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

True is always focused at the purpose behind the question and has the urge to do it more compactly, more convenient and smarter. This mentality enables True to organize and further develop the digital landscape of its customers in the most intelligent way. This makes it easier to manage information and digital technology. Companies can collaborate and produce more efficiently. And there is maximum room to innovate continuously at the highest speed.

Because True has the knowledge, resources and people to do the digital work and web-environment, they can be seamlessly connected to the application landscape of its customers, creating an optimal interaction between the front and back-office.

Instead of competing on price, these people go for quality, which renders them one-of-kind in the market.

  • Firstline support (first and only) for clients
  • Datacenter improvements
  • Became a pirate while playing pool

Their infra and support is just superb, and being allowed to work at that level is stimulating and emboldening for the perfectionists among us. Only left there to go work for a friend.

Gomersbach I.T.


Dates Employed: Aug 2012 – Jan 2014
Employment Duration: 1 yr 6 mos
Location: Utrecht Area, Netherlands

One and half year stint into being independent. Merged several code bases into the chinstrap project

Main clients:

  • ODMedia: Rewrite CCMS into new codebase (Drupal 6)
  • ContentCoders: Consultancy on video encoding infrastructure
  • OutTV/others: Generic sysadmin work at locations of clients

Amazing experience and incredibly humbling


Senior Software Engineer

Dates Employed: Feb 2007 – Aug 2012
Employment Duration: 5 yrs 7 mos
Location: Utrecht Area, Netherlands

ODMedia provides a one-stop solution which makes sure your content is in the right format, in the right place, at the right time. They connect content owners and platforms to deliver content to viewers on any screen around the world. They take care of all different technical requirements, which allows their customers to focus on their core activities. They offer services covering the entire video content lifecycle; from the creation of a Digital Cinema Package to the technical delivery to OTT platforms and broadcasters.

Recruited for video-editing internship, after some months expanding and automating ingestion flow I was hired into the company as its first Full-time developer.

  • General ingestion of a wild range of ingestion formats
  • Documenting ingestion flow
  • Automating manual steps of ingestion process

Expanding into Medior position after creating the first iteration of the ContentCoders Management System (Drupal 5 at the time)

  • Optimize encoding formats
  • Create Content Management Software for ingestion and delivery flow
  • Create first iteration of encoding cluster

Introducing another colleague into the company, and automated encoding flow for several worldwide broadcasters and their S.T.B.’s earned my Seniorship.

  • Mentorship of new colleagues
  • Gamification of day-to-day work
  • Extend and expand C.C.M.S to second iteration and added majority of global broadcasters

I have always enjoyed working at ODMedia/ContentCoders. Work hard, play hard (legendary parties!)

Internships & Extracurricular activities

Camera & video editing

Audio engineering & live performance production

Interviewing & writing

Hardware & programming


Regionaal Opleidings Centrum Hilversum

  • MBO in Sound, Vision & Multimedia 2004 – 2008

Goudse Waarden Gouda

  • MAVO @ D level, with Math, Science, Chemistry, English, Dutch and Economics 1996 – 2000


  • Native Dutch
  • Fluent English
  • Some German


  • Programming open-source projects
  • Flying
  • Reading sci-fi and fantasy
  • Computer games
  • Friends and pets. (Four cats, FOUR!)