• Date of Birth: October 29, 1983

  • Place of Birth: Reeuwijk, the Netherlands




  • Languages: PHP, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and some obsolete and esoteric)

  • Operating systems: Various Linux breeds like Debian (I prefer Gentoo, but any POSIX environment will do); Windows (since WFW 3.11); Dos variants

  • Server programs & network services: NGINX, Tomcat, Apache, load balancing, horizontal scaling, UNIX-related network services, TCP/IP networking, DNS

  • Content & media applications: Drupal, Photoshop, FFmpeg, x264, AviSynth, VapourSynth, ImageMagick, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Audition, Flash, Premiere Pro and a little TheDraw

  • Concepts: High-performance computing, distributed computing, system interoperability, network interconnectivity, web development, configuration management

  • Virtualization: QEMU/KVM, VMWare




In2IP Leiden

General Support Engineer August 2014– Present

  • Interconnected provided services for a cleaner structure and easier maintenance

  • Introduced SaltStack for easier and more efficient machine management

  • Provided remote/phone support to clients


TrueServer B.V. Amsterdam

Linux System Engineer March – August 2014

  • Provided maintenance, support and development on dedicated servers, virtual servers, private clouds, private co-location, shared co-location and streaming platforms

  • Handled daily server operations and backup process monitoring

  • Performed database maintenance and performance monitoring

  • Created and configured new virtual machines

  • Managed network-monitoring system configuration

  • Researched and proposed best practices for safety, monitoring, clustering and other scaling methods

  • Provided technical support for physical and virtual systems


Gomersbach IT Utrecht, Amsterdam

Freelance IT Professional 2012 – present

  • Performed Eurosport, Sport1 and RTL coding jobs for ODMedia

  • Provided infrastructure support to ODMedia

  • Engaged in website and back-end development

  • Created and maintained Chinstrap-Linux


OD Media Utrecht

Head of Research & Development 2010 – 2012

  • Set up distributed video servers and rights-management tools

  • Consulted on and realized video system “conveyer” for live registration, e.g., soccer matches. We became the preferred partner of several international operators, and we began exporting the conveyor concept and its services abroad

  • In charge of IT standardization, consultation and exploration into different streaming standards, e.g., multi-bitrate and cross-device compatibilities

  • Helped grow company from a start-up of 4 to a team of 35+


Senior Software Engineer 2008 – 2010

  • Having successfully automatized several connections with prominent cable providers, introduced an internal content-management system (CMS) to allow other employees within the company to encode and deploy content on several VOD platforms

  • Created a network of distributed video encoders and content “conveyors”


Video Editor/Encoding Engineer 2007 – 2008

  • Video content editing, DVD production

  • Oversaw ingest, digitization and editing of provided content for VOD systems. Initiated optimization of existing systems




Camera & video editing

  • Visited events and made video reports for the site VKMag (2005 –2006)

  • Internship: Maintained a video-editing suite at PalmPlus Productions (2006)


Audio engineering & live performance production

  • Audio engineering of television programs at United Broadcasting Facilities (2006)

  • Internship: Directed audio, light and media production and mixing at Pim Jacobs Theater (2005)


Interviewing & writing

  • Interviewed pop artists, reviewed new albums and wrote articles for Fok! magazine (2004)


Hardware & programming

  • Managed network and maintained machines at Nederlandse Kampeerauto Club (2003 –2004)

  • Repaired and assembled custom-ordered PCs at Computer Service Buro (1996 –2000)




Regionaal Opleidings Centrum Hilversum

  • MBO in Sound, Vision & Multimedia 2004 – 2008


Goudse Waarden Gouda

  • MAVO, with Math, Science, Chemistry, English, Dutch and Economics 1996 – 2000




  • Languages: Native Dutch, fluent English, some German

  • Hobbies: Programming open-source projects, reading/writing sci-fi and fantasy, computer games, friends and pets.